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DESCRIPTION: RECON TECHS IRON BUSTER™ is PH Neutral cleaner with a color indicator that really shows you its working. Spray on the surface to expose the iron remover’s powerful and safe cleaning attributes. Use on both Wheels and Paint safely.  Leaves your wheels or painted surfaces clean and ready for sealant or coating application. 


Rinse the surface first to get rid any loose debris
Spray the Product directly onto your wheel/surfaces. Spray evenly and completely. Paint/trim/wheel/chrome/aluminum/windows have all been tested deemed safe. (DO NOT LET PRODUCT DRY ON SURFACE) 
Allow the Product to react to contamination. There is no rule to how long you should let it dwell for, more judge by keeping the surface damp and do not let it dry completely. Be aware of the temperature of your environment, if its hot outside or inside or the surface is hot then cool it down or just keep spraying product, so it doesn’t dry. If you notice the surface changing color to red, this is normal, this is a normal chemical reaction of RECON TECHS IRON BUSTER™ working to remove the particle from the vehicles surface.  
Rinse the surface thoroughly after the RECON TECHS IRON BUSTER™ is finished turning red. 

•    Iron/Ferrex/Brake Dust Cleaner
•    Color Reaction Indicator
•    Safe On Most Surfaces
•    Body Shop Safe



Iron Buster

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