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DESCRIPTION: RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ is a wax and oil remover that allows your skills to be fine-tuned simply by spraying a light mist on the surface and wipe away the polish/compound residue, giving you first eye’s view of your true paint polishing result. With RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ you can remove any fillers of scratches and swirl marks left from polishing oils, an important step not to skip in between polishing stages. Removing polishing oils from the painted surface with RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ is easy. It also creates the perfect oil free clean surface, allowing for your choice of coating, sealant, or wax to be applied, ensuring durability of the protection. RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ is a necessary product to have if you are a paint polishing professional.

•    Quick and Easy To Use
•    Removes Wax, Fillers & Polishing Oils 
•    Safe On Most Surfaces
•    Body Shop Safe
DIRECTIONS: Use in between polishing steps for revealing true surface results. RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ is easy to use. Simply mist the surface where you desire to inspect and wipe away any oils or fillers from polishes or waxes. You will notice after your first use that RECON TECHS PANEL PREP™ sprays nicely and evenly, once you begin to wipe the solution it immediately self-levels and evaporates leaving an oil free, clean surface. Spray directly on the painted surface from 6” inches away in a fine mist. Recommended not to spray larger than a 3’ foot x 3’ foot section. Wipe the solution with a soft microfiber towel. Wipe from bottom to top from left to right motion then cross hatch. Use a dry micro fiber towel to dry the surface completely before polishing again.


Panel Prep

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